Like many things, this project started out small. Initially, I wanted a booklet for our students to learn Te Ataarangi anthems. Then I needed a SECOND booklet for all the classics of the Māori repertoire for wānanga reo sing-alongs. Pretty soon I was digging out scrunched pieces of paper from various schoolbooks and adding them ‘so I wouldn’t forget’.

My two little booklets quickly became a lengthy Word doc that crashed my computer, and when printed filled a heavy folder I had to cart from place to place. I was also continually adding to it and editing it, so it cost a small fortune to print and reprint, and I only had the one master copy to share around.

So I’ve decided to make them all available online, from the most recognisable of anthems to ones I wrote for my own lessons. This site is primarily aimed at Te Ataarangi teachers and students as a teaching resource, and the song selection reflects this bias. However if there’s a particular song you’d like to see here, just send me the words and I’ll gladly add it to the site. Happy singing

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